Royal Revolving Restaurant

Early this week, my cousin’s birthday party was held on the 9th storey of Royal Revolving Restaurant near the roundabout of Nguyễn Trãi and CMT8.

As soon as the elevator opens, a beautiful lady in áo dài welcomed and led me to the served table where I was required to arrive before 6pm to enhance the plan of stunning my cousins. However, thanks to the heavy rain, I was the first one to pick up the seat.

However, It’s a good time for me to start social networking with the manager of this restaurant. After explaining what City Pass is doing for the travel industry, I was given an unbelievable sentence coming out from this elegant manager. “I am not interested in French tourists, who are very cheap to spend money for their pleasure” he said. I doubted my ears to hear such a comment like that. I never think there will be a manager to express his underrated thought of tourists in front of a stranger and customer like me. He also doubled his arrogance by adding many comments to criticize the Vietnamese Educational System. Though he and I are Vietnamese or may be not (he is Việt Kiều), I will never come back to such a place like that.

However, if you have no doubts with the impression that I had, the Royal Revolving Restaurant is a good place to dine. Although the view is not really as I expected, I will give an B- for the atmosphere, B for the food and A for the service.

The atmosphere is warm with classic yellow lights while the space is quite narrow that made me feel not comfortable. I had no chance to come out to the balcony as It rained cats and dogs, but it is worth to enjoy the stunning view of Saigon night unless you love the dizzy feeling when it rotates 360 degrees during your dinner.

Food was not that good. I don’t know whether the rain cooled off the food, but the Peking duck was not crispy as It ought to. Others were relatively fine but the dizzy feeling kept me off from enjoying.

The service is perfect, nothing to comment.

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