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Cá nhân hóa 101

Trong quá trình tìm điểm khác biệt và lợi thế cạnh tranh (USP) cho startup iamTete – piano practice app, chúng tôi nhìn thấy 3 lựa chọn chiến lược để đặt cược vào, trong đó cá nhân hóa trải nghiệm bằng lộ trình học và gợi ý tiểu phẩm yêu thích cho người học, đã trở thành trọng tâm của đội phát triển sản phẩm. … Continue reading Cá nhân hóa 101

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Viết quảng cáo theo tháp Maslow

Theo Maslow, về căn bản, nhu cầu của con người được chia làm hai nhóm chính: nhu cầu cơ bản (basic needs) và nhu cầu bậc cao (meta needs). Nhu cầu cơ bản liên quan đến các yếu tố thể lý của con người như mong muốn có đủ thức ăn, nước uống, được nghỉ ngơi… Những nhu cầu cơ bản này đều là các … Continue reading Viết quảng cáo theo tháp Maslow

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Find a good wine bar in Saigon

Tasting premium wine is not popular in Vietnam, although Vietnamese people consume beers too much that we are “honored” as the country drinks the most beer in Southeast Asia. To explain that, wine costs more money than beer and it’s not easy to find a good wine bar in Saigon. I was once invited to a unique wine bar in district 1 called Wine Embassy … Continue reading Find a good wine bar in Saigon

Bare Minimum SEO: 3 Things You Must Do – Eric Enge

If you could do only three things for SEO, what would they be? This is a question encountered by many smaller businesses, and even somewhat larger companies, either due to not having enough people (time) and/or dollars available to invest in a big way. If this is a scenario you’re facing, what follows are three minimal SEO tasks you must do. Step 1: Check Your … Continue reading Bare Minimum SEO: 3 Things You Must Do – Eric Enge

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Tell me what you ride, I tell you who you are

As in most countries, what you drive often gives people a hint about what kind of person you are.  Many of us look fondly at our first rides, whether it was borrowing our parent’s car for the night or working long summer hours to pay for that first used car that we inevitably sold. The unluckiest of us took those cars and demolished them. One … Continue reading Tell me what you ride, I tell you who you are

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Top 5 activities in HCMC

You‘ve never been to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and have a tight schedule to visit all of the interesting places? City Pass listed here the 5 things to do in the city to make sure you grab some unforgettable moments when you’re still here. 1. Enjoy spectacular scenery of HCMC from a great viewing place There are many places where you can capture … Continue reading Top 5 activities in HCMC

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Top 5 souvenirs to buy in Vietnam

Besides the joyfulness of discovering a new culture, capturing photos and tasting exotic flavors of Vietnam, shopping might bring you more opportunities to get in touch with locals habits. A shopping journey is usually the last step of a trip and it is always tricky. Hence, last month, the event named “HCMC 100 exciting things” announced the top 5 souvenirs to gift friends, family members … Continue reading Top 5 souvenirs to buy in Vietnam

Learn Python 3 the Hard Way – What do you know so far?

 “There is no failure, only trying.” Ok Let’s try to make a list of symbols, see how well I understand and recall their functions. It’s going to be tedious but the end goal is to create a reference table with my own words, which can help me review in the long term. # Hash, Mesh or octothorpe To comment out a piece of code, or … Continue reading Learn Python 3 the Hard Way – What do you know so far?

TomoChain – ICO March 1

Hôm nay dành ra một post nói về TomoChain – TomoApp. – ETH Address: 80898A Biết đến Tomo hơn 7 tháng thông qua tin nhắn của a.Long hỏi mình về chạy quảng cáo bán coin. Lúc ấy thấy lạ, chẳng hiểu ất giáp thế nào về việc bán coin mà chạy quảng cáo là sao?   Mon men tìm hiểu về cái ứng dụng “Tò … Continue reading TomoChain – ICO March 1

Adsense BCG

Tư Duy Chiến Lược #1 – Ứng dụng BCG Matrix vào buôn “Người”

Luân chuyển dòng tiền từ Google và Angel investors vào những cơ hội hấp dẫn hoặc tiềm năng, thông qua đầu tư vào việc tối ưu hóa quy trình hoặc khai mở traffic từ network mới. Sơ lược về ma trận Boston: Mục Đích: Cung cấp mô hình phân tích để quản trị viên đánh giá và chọn lựa sản phẩm hoặc cơ hội kinh … Continue reading Tư Duy Chiến Lược #1 – Ứng dụng BCG Matrix vào buôn “Người”

Market Share

Market share indicates how well a firm run its business against its competitors. This metric together with delta sales revenue will let managers evaluate both primary and selective demand in their market. It helps identify not only the total market growth or decline but also trends in customers’ selections among competitors. Sales growth resulting from primary demand (total market growth) is less costly and more … Continue reading Market Share


TIÊN HẠ THỦ VI CƯỜNG Tại một thành phố nọ, có công ty Ái Đạt vừa mới vật dậy sau một khoảng thời gian làm ăn bết bát dưới thời CEO cũ. Thay vì họ tiếp tục cũng cố các dòng sản phẩm túi xách đã có mặt trên thị trường, cố gắng tiến từng bước để bắt kịp đối thủ đứng vị trí thứ … Continue reading TIÊN HẠ THỦ VI CƯỜNG

A great recipe for happiness and satisfaction

Children who grow up with well behavioral controlling method tend to be happier and more independent compared to ones perceived that their parents psychologically controlled them throughout their childhood. According to a study of Mai Stafford. Behavioral control refers to the extent to which parents expect the child to conform to high standards especially when it is difficult. It also capture the extents to which … Continue reading A great recipe for happiness and satisfaction

3 SEO Tips That Are Nonsense Unless You Try

“You can’t rest on your #1 ranking – because the guy at #2 isn’t resting. He’s till improving his site.” – Ryan Jones Here is the scenario: a website owner approaches you for help on getting exposures on Google. Your offers will be either PPC short for Paid-per-click advertising or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), almost everyone I speak with favors the latter. Simply because it … Continue reading 3 SEO Tips That Are Nonsense Unless You Try