Wine bar in Saigon

Find a good wine bar in Saigon

Tasting premium wine is not popular in Vietnam, although Vietnamese people consume beers too much that we are “honored” as the country drinks the most beer in Southeast Asia. To explain that, wine costs more money than beer and it’s not easy to find a good wine bar in Saigon.

I was once invited to a unique wine bar in district 1 called Wine Embassy bar where I enjoyed the feeling of elegance and cozy ambiance. It impressed me with its cutting-edge and stylish interior style.

What a shame! Loving wine is what I can say but I have never learned to understand the difference of wine types. As far as I know, there are white wine and red wine. I prefer red wine because it makes my taste buds full of different tastes each sips. Red wine often needs to come in contact with some air to reduce some of its sharpness. Thus, I tend to swirl the wine in the glass to make me looks like a gourmet and also help it easier to drink. However, it does not apply to all the cases, it depends on the age of the wine.

Wine Embassy has a “wine-by-glass” selection in Saigon, with 30 different choices of quality wine. It is important to serve the wine with an appropriate type of glass. Besides, I’d love to talk with the staffs here, they are friendly and are knowledgeable to inspire customers about wine. It is absolutely a unique wine bar in Saigon that I look for.

Enomatic wine dispensers

Furthermore, It was so much excited and fun to purchase wine from a machine, I could purchase wine at the wine dispenser with a plastic card and choose between 8 white and 18 red wines from France, America, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

This is one of the great wine bar in Saigon that I would recommend my friends to enjoy after works.

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