Abseiling in The Blue Mountains

Abseiling – a fantastic day of fun, excitement and adventure in the great outdoors…

Only a 90-minute drive away from Sydney, the sprawling metropolitan, you can indulge yourself in the Blue Mountains, a place of full of natural beauty.

The bus rolled on the highway for an easy and fastest drive and we didn’t stop in any towns, instead wanting to spend as much time as we could in the mountains.

I would like to cure my fear of heights by partaking in any challenges involving height. Besides, It will give me a glowing sense of pride and accomplishment. That’s why I can’t wait to joining the first group to abseil.

The cold weather left us for us for bright, sunny days making it simply stunning to be up in the mountains where the adventure company led us to the abseiling areas that most of us were so fascinated to take the first challenge. It took a couple tries before we head to the highest cliff about 30meters in middle of nowhere.

Abseiling is a daunting outdoor activity for people afraid of heights and scaling a vertical scale. However, it should not cause any accidents, as it is one of the safest aspects of climbing. On the other hand, it is tremendously fun after the hardest step, which is stepping over the edge. This is time when your body doesn’t want to listen to your mind. You cannot expect what is waiting for you right after the first step, so it’s normal to be anxious. My advice is to lean back as much comfortable as you can because you’ll realize that the more you lean back, the more you’ll be pushed onto the vertical surface. Then walking down the cliff becomes easy like walking on the ground. It’s difficult to describe the feeling you get at this stage but breathing becomes heavy and every movement you make is definite.

Tips: one hand holding the knot closed to the harness, the preferred hand with a glove on should hold the rope and let the rope sliding through the mechanism at a controlled speed.

New words:

Low-stretch rope (static rope): is used to reduce bouncing and easier ascending

Climbing Harness: is the most important opponent that creates comfort for decenders. It is tightened around the waist.


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