Market Share

Market share indicates how well a firm run its business against its competitors. This metric together with delta sales revenue will let managers evaluate both primary and selective demand in their market. It helps identify not only the total market growth or decline but also trends in customers’ selections among competitors. Sales growth resulting from primary demand (total market growth) is less costly and more … Continue reading Market Share

standard deviation

Risk and Returns – Course book Q&A

Please refer my answers and open to any corrections. It is for scope of learning corporate finance. Questions are taken from Chapter 11 – Essentials of Corporate Finance, Ross, 8e Question: In broad terms, why is some risk diversifiable? Why are some risks non-diversifiable? Can Investor control the level of unsystematic risk in a portfolio? Answer: In business perspective, risks are categorized into 3 levels. They are … Continue reading Risk and Returns – Course book Q&A

Bring Snobby Korean Political leaders back on the table and talk in 2013

They both have a common interest in manipulating Kaesong Industrial Region to grow economic at both ends. South Korea needs North Korean’s labor resource and cheap land to build plants that catering low-end products market across the world while North Korea needs to jump-start the nearly bankrupt economy because of deep expenses in nuclear system. North Korea has shown their intention to forge a rapprochement … Continue reading Bring Snobby Korean Political leaders back on the table and talk in 2013