Vietnamese Teacher Day


Vietnamese Teachers’ Day – an annual national anniversary to honor Teachers in Vietnam, an occasion for students of all ages to celebrate their appreciation to their revered masters.

Teachers’ Day is really a unique celebration, which shows how important and valued the position of teacher is in Vietnam. Students regularly express their appreciation in varied ways during the day. Both students and parents will send cards and wish the teachers a happy teachers day. Students will also thank teachers for the all the their help. Teachers’ Day is a great way to understand the impact teachers have on their students, now and in the future. Vietnamese Teachers’ Day is not only the day for school students to express their gratitude to their teachers, but also a good occasion for each person to meditate and recall memories which they have had with their teachers and former classmates.

Vietnamese teachers usually refuse to accept precious gifts from students. This is because parents usually think if they send gifts to teacher, in return, teachers will take better care of their children or will not be too strict on their children. Therefore parents and children should be careful about the gifts they give teachers, however, dress shirts, bottles of wine and bouquets of flowers are the most popular gifts that students usually send to their teachers along with meaningful cards expressing their sincere love and respect. All of these gifts and wishes of good health and good luck are intended to make teachers feel how much they are appreciated by their students. In Vietnam teaching is a very well respected profession, and Teachers’ Day is just one of the ways that Vietnamese people show respect towards teachers.

What Vietnamese students usually do on this day

In many schools, activities with various programs to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher’s Day are planned in early October. Many classes prepare literature, such as a class newspaper and art to celebrate Teachers’ Day, while other students prepare food and flowers for the parties held at their schools. Former students also pay respect to their former teachers on this day. Former students who have already graduated come back to their school or come to their former teacher’s home to visit them. On this occasion, schools often have meetings for teachers and talks about Teachers’ Day. Students often give their teachers flowers and sincere good wishes. The school also organises several competitions such as flower arrangement, postcard design, art programs and cooking, as well as many other activities.

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