How many percentage of your Facebook friends/fans can be reach?

In the SESOMO, when Mr. Tuấn Hà asked how many people of 1000-fan/friend can be reach when a new post was released on your status. My answer was 10% of the total fan base while he said it could be upto 30%. This is so much too high from what I have known back in May 2011. Then I wonder if he also included promoted post because if yes, 30% is so much too low.

I made a research this morning in order to figure out the minimum, maximum, average and tips to increase the reach metric.

In May 2011, a user’s  post could reach 16% of his or her fan base

In March 2012, it was down to 12%

In July 2012, the rumor is that Only 10% of Your Facebook Fans Will See Your Posts.

There is no minimum or maximum ratio of the reach metric (Should I call Mark to know the answer?). So the number is absolutely the average amount of fans who can reach your post whenever you update your status or a page releases a new post.

In the Mark’s empire, most of content marketers must follow his rule in order to make the best of Facebook can offer and earn good money from managing the page. Thus, finding a way to maximize the reach ratio also means optimizing the page’s influence on fans’ News Feed.

1. Use the “Boost Post” to target your friends and friends of your friends. The list will give you an estimated range of fans can be reach in the box. Is it within your post objectives? If yes, ask your boss to allocate a budget for that strategic post. Remember that the larger fan base will require more sawbucks or even Benjamin.

Boost Post button

There is also a premium advertising tool on Facebook which is announced in last February, the Reach generator that can at least reach 75% of the total fan base.

2. The narrow target audience will also play a part of increasing your reach ratio. By defining your target audience, you might lower number of audiences but Facebook will assure to bring your post to your targeted audiences. In turn, increase the percentage of reach dramatically.

This function helps filter the irrelevant fans/friends by demographic profiles. It does not state in the list what time your target audiences will be surfing their news feed. You would need to try different posting time in order to figure out the golden time for each category of audience. Of course, you should take into consideration the schedule function and target location which are showed side by side the target button in the status box.

Target audiences

Following up this post I will show you a way to estimate when we should update a new status of your fan page. If you cannot wait, go ahead and look for how to estimate your average post lifetime.

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