Beach & Surfing Culture

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. – John Kabat-Zinn

It is hardly surprising to see Aussies heading to the beach with their surfboards in the train or on the road. Because surfing has been a natural adjunct to their beach obsessions for a long time. Australia is bordered by oceans and seas, blessed with a wonderful climate all year round and a laid-back approach to life, this is a match made in heaven.

Aussies’ attitude towards work and life are built up from the love of ocean or surfing, and it crafts Australian character traits nowadays. Selflessness is highly noticeable among these great characteristics. Surfers share the insider trading information of his or her spot to their mates in the friendliest way. Surfers are cool, and they are willing to share what they can to others.

Surfing is a combination of a passionate yet tranquil sport. Imagine sitting in the middle of the sea, patiently waiting to catch the coming wave, with adrenaline rush building up when you start paddling absurdly, preparing to make a “pop-up” at the perfect time, and then you find yourself inside the moment and thrillingly ride the wave.

Those traits have influenced the Australians in their way of living, thinking and making decisions. I consider myself very lucky to have a boss, a colleague and above all a great friend, who vividly demonstrates these 3 attitudes. He is caring person and exudes much empathy for others. He provides a listening ear and pushes away selfishness in order to bring everyone, who went through daunting times of the early stages of start-ups, together. He is mostly calm, but some bad days can quickly build up his adrenaline rush within. However, these do not last long, just like how quickly the waves disappear, so the negative effects from rash decisions were quickly resolved.

Every state has their own astonishing surfing beaches like Bell’s Beach (VIC), Gold Coast (Queensland), Bondi beach (NSW). Australia is a land of extremes for anything you would love to talk about and surfing is no exception. So, next time if you happen to know that your business partner comes from Australia, have a small talk with them about surfing before getting down to business. But if you are not a kind of sporting fan, my advice is to just remember some beach names.

Retrieved from Freedom Kite Mag

Editor-in-Chef: Mark Enriquez

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