“Hunt” Sapa’s beauty and Conquer Fansipan peak.

Sapả (or Sapá) means “sandy plain” is the marketplace where locals usually gather together for trading goods. Until its name was spelt incorrectly by the French, Sapa was a fantastic, romantic tourist attraction known as “The Earth’s Heaven,” and Fansipan peak was called “Roof of Indochina.” Sapa is a small town situated in the Lao Cai province in northwest Vietnam at 1,500-1,800 meters (10,312 ft) … Continue reading “Hunt” Sapa’s beauty and Conquer Fansipan peak.

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Top 5 activities in HCMC

You‘ve never been to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and have a tight schedule to visit all of the interesting places? City Pass listed here the 5 things to do in the city to make sure you grab some unforgettable moments when you’re still here. 1. Enjoy spectacular scenery of HCMC from a great viewing place There are many places where you can capture … Continue reading Top 5 activities in HCMC