How important is the Call-button in Adwords?

Lately, Ipos Research’s surveyors have released their research of 3,000 mobile searchers who had recently purchased products/services across industries. Based on the outcomes, they drew a conclusion that “calls are not only important channel for research and transaction, but also the presence of phone number in search results can strongly influence the perception of a business’s brand.” – Adam Grunewald, Mobile Marketing Manager.

By no means, I understand the importance of placing phone numbers callable on mobile devices in Adwords’s Call Extension. Thus, our VNG Digital’s consultants never forget asking hotline number while filling in the client brief. However, the fact is that most of our Vietnamese SMEs are not professionally well-equipped with inhouse-call center or operational phone number, the chance of missing potential phone calls is likely at double-digits percentages.

As a matter of fact, the process of searching, reading and comparing always occupies a great deal of hours, days and even months.

  • 62% of consumers searching for auto parts and services would be very likely to use click to call, and 57% would use click to call to compare pricing.
  • 60% of those searching for car rental information on their phone would use click to call, and 44% would call to make a reservation.
  • Within local services, 76% would use call features to schedule an appointment for professional services.
  • 61% of people searching for financial services on their smartphones are likely to use click to call to make changes to their bank accounts.

How are these figures changing in another market? Particularly in Vietnam?

(Data is collected from several accounts categoried by verticals I am managing during last 6 months.)

  • 2.3% of clicks searching for buying car is mobile clicks-to-call
  • 3.3% of clicks searching for repairing electronic devices is mobile clicks-to-call
  • 5.4% of clicks searching for  spa services is mobile clicks-to-call
  • 4.9% of clicks searching for healthcare is mobile clicks-to-call
  • 1.5% of clicks searching for hotel booking is mobile clicks-to-call
  • 17.8% of clicks searching for Fashion products is mobile clicks-to-call

In order to see these data, you can access Ad Extension tab, choose View: call extension. Then click Segment button and choose Click Type.

I am very keen on learning these figures in a large-scale, so that VNG Digital Ads and other Google Premium SME partners and several account managers throughout Vietnam can insightfully understand the true value of clicks via mobile search, in turn, providing a better solution to increase the clicks-to-call percentage. Moreover, making the call extension perfectly serve our valued clients.

Please contact me to deploy a research to help improve the call-extention for Vietnam market.

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